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Baltflexi tootevalikust leiate Parker Sensocontrol diagnostikaseadmed. Kõnealused seadmed on mõeldud kasutamiseks nii tööstustes kui ka rasketehnika hoolduses ja remondis.

  1. ServiceJunior
  2. Parker Serviceman Plus
  3. The Parker Service Master Easy
  4. The Parker Service Master Plus

SensoControl® handmeters and accessories are ideal
measuring tools for every application. Whether you use
them in industry, mobile hydraulics, service or repair:
measuring and processing hy draulic values is the basis
for reliable troubleshooting. That is why modern tools are
essential to today's service technicians when it comes to
systematic searches for errors.
High-speed processes such as switching valves, cylinder
strokes, pressure peaks, differential pressures and fl ow
changes must be measured and evaluated simultaneously