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Scanwill Hydraulic Pressure Intensifiers

Scanwill - The Clever Way to get high PressureScanwill

The Scanwill Pressure Boosters offer an easy, safe and cost efficient way to get high pressure from low pressure hydraulic power sources.

Today the Scanwill pressure solutions are distributed through partners all over the world and are used every day by hydraulic engineers as a common solution to achieve greater hydraulic power. The Scanwill pressure solutions are installed in an expanding variety of hydraulic applications, in general industrial sectors where there is a need for increasing the hydraulic power.

Does your hydraulic application need a working pressure at 210 bar? 350 bar? 420 bar? Or even higher? - Then the Scanwill pressure components could be your economical and energy saving solution!

How does the intensifier function?

The MP-Series of hydraulic pressure intensifiers are reciprocating, and will automatically increase a supplied pressure to a higher eMP2000nd pressure. Fig. 1 shows the basic principle of the intensifiers, consisting of a piston arrangement and a Piston Control Valve,PCV. The position of the pistons will at the end of every stroke prompt a signal S to the PCV, which makes this change position, ensuring the pistons are moving in the opposite direction. This cycle will continue until the end pressure has been reached. At this point the pistons stop, and will now only move to maintain the end pressure.

General Data

Material: Cast Iron and steel ( also available in stainless steel)

Surface coating: Chromit blue finish

Fluids: Recognised hydraulic fluids and water glycol(water and other fluids are possible)

Filtration: 10 μ nominal, maximum 19/16 according to ISO 4406


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